Deals & Coupons

Deals & Coupons

Automatically get the latest deals and coupons offered by your local businesses, based on your location and preferences.

What Do We Offer?

Everyone wants to grab a bargain for the products they are eying to purchase or the services they seek and it’s never been easier, thanks to the many coupon sources out there today. However, finding reliable sources that can direct you to the best coupons and deals can be a challenge, since it’s often difficult to know which ones are trustworthy. You would sometimes dig into several websites just to get that one deal that immediately makes your day. Luckily, you don’t need to hunt down for coupons and deals anymore to be able to save money by shopping from your local businesses. Let us do it for you. From every- day- deals to discounted products and cashbacks, we at MyCommunity.Today have you covered.

MyCommunity.Today App provides trusted, just-in-time, coupons and deals offered by your neighbourhood business, meaning you get the coupons and deals right when you need them. You don’t have to save coupons for later or worry about their expiration. All coupons will be saved in your coupon bucket on the mobile app and accessible with a click. Let’s simplify this with an example: If you are looking for a restaurant or a grocery store in your neighbourhood, the first thing you will find on MyCommunity.Today app after launching the application and searching for the business is a coupon or a deal that the restaurant/grocery store is offering you at that very moment. And MyCommunity.Today makes sure you always get one if it is available!


It’s like having access to the best and latest coupons and deals without having to spend hours searching for them. Use our MyCommunity.Today app and they will show up on their own. Isn’t that convenient?

You can also find our comprehensive listing of trusted coupons, offers, deals and discounts from hundreds of local stores for a wide variety of products. There are literally a plethora of deals for virtually anything you want to buy or any service you need, including household goods, groceries, clothes, cosmetics, dental service and much more.

We partner with local businesses to curate some of the best deals for you and update our MyCommunity.Today app each day with new coupons and deals that are trending on your favourite nearby stores.

MyCommunity.Today is here to make shopping easier and more rewarding for you.

So, excited to try this new platform out? We are almost ready to launch our application soon with all its interesting and useful features. So stay tuned to enjoy the benefits of having everything at your fingertips.

Available in both IOS & ANDROID!