One App to Explore Your Neighborhood

One App to Explore Your Neighborhood


To locate a shop, restaurant, service provider, or cafe, you hop on to Google or other search engines to find it. For every service, one needs to individually search and seek the desired information. You are then presented with hundreds or thousands of links, not necessarily related to your location or your preferences, that you have to visit one-by-one. Even then, you may see the general information about a given service provider or you may find a particular service you are looking for but you don’t always have an option for online shopping. Do you happen to see deals or coupons related to the business or service you are looking for? Do the search results satisfy the information you seek? If your answer to any of these questions is a “NO”! Then we are here to turn that “NO” into a BIG “YES”. How about having a seamless browsing experience that shows you all the services under one umbrella? Wondering how? The solution is MyCommunity.Today mobile app! We showcase hundreds of thousands of local businesses near you by relevance so that you can quickly find what you want with related deals or coupons if one is available when you want it, just in time! All of that with just one mobile application, one login, one password, and one payment system to access it all.

What is MyCommunity.Today?
Where the Locals Meet and Play!

Today, you have to download multiple applications for different purposes. One to get your news, one to shop online, one to watch fun videos, one to connect with friends and family, one to get a rating on business, one to find coupons, and so on. But what if we tell you that you do all of that with just one application that will also help you contribute to your local community and make it better! MyCommunity.Today is a uniquely built interactive social media and e-commerce platform specifically aimed at helping communities address local issues and support their local businesses of any kind, irrespective of size. What’s more, you gain access to a slew of entertainment channels and find the latest hyper-local news and local deals and coupons right at your fingertips.

The Nearby Feature
Explore Your Neighborhood! Find Everything And Anything Near You!

Now you may be wondering what is the MyCommunity.Today’s “Nearby” feature and how can it be of any help to you? Well, it is an easy-to-use feature designed to help you explore events around you, things to do, find places to go such as cafes, restaurants, and bars, places to worship and so much more in your neighborhood. In addition, you get to see the landscape of business in your neighborhoods and grab exclusive deals and discounts not available anywhere else!

Benefits of Nearby Feature
Explore What Is Around You With Variety of Categories

Here is why we highly recommend that you use the Nearby feature and discover its unique features.

Access to Thousands of Services

Enhance your search experience with MyCommunity.Today Nearby service. Unlike browsing for a service and getting scant information, now you can gain vital insight into your local business with full details on their products and services, their coupons and deals, and their rating in just a few simple clicks. Get ample information for the service you want. Simply lookout for a category or service and gain access to thousands of businesses, establishments, and organizations within your proximity. We have covered all the businesses in our application!

Detailed of Businesses You Seek

Before selecting a business, you need trusted information about the business, its products, and services, its pricing, it’s rating, and whether any of your friends, family, or neighbors recommend it! MyCommunity.Today helps you make an informed decision on a merchant, product, or service. You can get the detailed information including location, rating, reviews, and contact details all in one place! That is how we can help you make an informed decision without regret!

Grab Exciting Deals and Coupons

Most of the merchants are listed on MyCommunity.Today “Community Hub” offers exclusive deals and coupons that are not available everywhere else! This results in you paying less and saving more. To get the best deals or coupons nearest to you, click on the Coupons or Deals tab on top of the Home page and then select a category or type a keyword in the search fields and then voila! Grab the deal or coupon from the merchant you trust!

Become a Part of a Local Community!

You can help improve your community by supporting your local business through engaging with traditional, local merchants and empower them to build their online business. Community Hub allows businesses to establish their brand and sell things online to hundreds of thousands of people. As a business owner, you can broaden your reach and reach local audiences! Registrar and become a part of our community today by visiting https://MyCommunity.Today/MAAS!4

Looking to expand your business and increase your revenue? Then join hands with us, and let’s, together make a difference!