Imagine a world in which you can socially engage and interact with your friends and neighbors by sharing your everyday activities, your passion for community issues, and entertaining content in order to make a positive difference in your community’s quality of life, all from within a single application.

Given that today Social Media platforms play an important role in our lives, why not use it to effectively address local issues using a social media platform specifically designed for local communities, MyCommunity.Today mobile app. To help you leverage MyCommunity.Today’s app in the most effective manner we have put together a simple guide to get you started.

Begin by downloading the MyCommunity.Today mobile app from Apple and Google Play stores. Once downloaded, create your social media account and login. It is very simple using your email address and a password, or Facebook, Google, or Apple IDs to quickly register and log into MyCommunity.Today platform. You will be presented with the Home Feed so, begin by browsing the curated, latest local and global news and posts by friends and neighbors. Now it is time to contribute to your community by posting compelling and interesting content/posts keeping in mind a few things about CONTENT CREATION (We all know that “Content Is King!”) so that you can get recognition for your ideas and attain followers within your community. So here we go:

a) If you want your community audience to notice and engage with your social posts, you must make them highly relevant to them.

b) Raise or discuss important community issues such as local elections, school events (Board meetings, drug use, sports, theatre, graduation …), public safety such as vaccination, homelessness, charity events, etc…

c) Maintain a positive attitude.

d) Keep it brief and to the point.

e) Make use of images and videos for better engagement results.

f) Include a call to action (“please vote” or “Please attend this event”, etc.).

Do you want your Social Network to be Effective?

To begin with, your profile picture and information are very useful for establishing your personality and engagement approach with people; they should be unique and appealing in order to gain followers. To get more engaging results, your social channels should always feel like they’re being run by an interesting, intelligent, and caring person.

How to build an Engaging Persona?

a) Determine your target audience.

b) Choose the communities where your target audience is active (Active outdoors people, Church groups, bicycle clubs, etc.).

c) Select your voice/tone.

d) Make changes to your social media profiles to better reflect your persona.

e) Post and compile content on a regular basis.

You can interact with your audience to promote yourself, your business, or your brand in two ways: REACTIVE AND PROACTIVE.

● Reactive means to people who have responded to your posts.

● Proactive refers to people you invite to the platform or contact via compelling posts targeted to their areas of interest.

The best way to gain followership is through proactive engagement. So, invite as many friends and family you know to join MyCommunity.Today and create compelling and thoughtful posts with attached videos or pictures, and Interactivity (a unique feature of MyCommunity.Today app), often.

If you are a business owner, make sure to join thousands of other local businesses who have signed up with MyCommunity.Today to be a part of the Community Hub. This is where businesses can interact with their community, establish their brand, showcase their products and services, and sell online with ease. To do so, simply visit

How To Invite People?

When you access the app’s user interface, you’ll see a “Invite Friends” option at the bottom; by clicking on it, you can share the app with your friends, relatives, or anyone you know. Invitations can be sent via text, WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, Skype, and We Chat.

Share the app with others and invite them to download it so that they, too, can support their local communities and benefit from its list of rich features such as quality news and information, thousands of local coupons and deals, and easy online shopping from local businesses to support them.